Announcing: BCF - The Rebuild


BCF Rebuild Version Announcement!

We're excited to announce the development of the newly built Bobblehead College Football Game.  The original version of BCF for web and mobile was built using Flash and on Jan 1st Flash will no longer be supported.  Unless we rebuilt the game on a new platform BCF would go away.  Lucky for you that is exactly what we are doing! 

On December 30th we will begin the rollout of the rebuilt version of BCF.  It's a complete rebuild of the game using the Unity platform.  On December 30th we will push out an update for iOS and push an update to Facebook.  We're really excited for all the possibilities this brings and we have lots of plans and a whole host of new features that we will be rolling out over the next year!  But, before we can start adding new stuff we had to strip the current version down to it's core and start building it back up.  The December 30th release will have a completely new look and feel to it and new gameplay. The core game is mostly the same: recruiting, campus upgrades, conferences, BFL and of course challenging players is all in the rebuilt version. Several secondary elements of the game: Things like achievements, team records and others will be temporarily removed and will be replaced with better versions of these same features.

Key elements of the game will all work mostly the same - your team and players will all stay the same and conference members will stay together as well.  Your trophy and currency bank will continue right where it was when you left off. 

We're working hard to get this brand new and completely rebuilt version ready and tested by Dec 30th but to be completely honest - we're running a little behind schedule!  We will transition to the new version on Dec 30th and we're going to do everything we can to make sure the transition to this new version is as clean as possible.  But with a brand new version of a game we hope you'll be a little patient with us during the transition until we can get everyone migrated to the new version and once the game is live we welcome all feedback!

Over the next month we'll be updating Facebook and this blog every few days with details on our development effort and what you can expect when the new version is live along with some sneak peaks at the gameplay.  We'll also be announcing BFL details, some prize details, and a couple of unique opportunities to set up your bobblehead team for eternal glory!

Thank you everyone for making this an awesome community - there are so many great people playing this game and we would not be putting in all the work to rebuild the game if it wasn't for all of you and for all the great times we have together! This is the dawning of a new age for Bobblehead and we're thankful that all of you will be a part of it with us!