Congrats Chupacabra on winning the BFL

It's amazing we've already had 20 BFL champions and after many close calls and making it to the championship in BFL #19 - Chupacabra has won his first BFL today!  The final game came down to an epic 17 to 16 win over BaylorU Bears who beat HenTown in the semifinal to make it to the championship game.  It was a classic slugfest in the championship and Chupacabra coming out on top by just 1 point.  Chupacabra's win give him the Animal Mascot conference (AMC) the top honors in Bobblehead College Football for this month!

What an epic win for one of the longest running active players in the game.  Congrats to everyone who played and advanced today.  Our next BFL will be on Feb 25th.  We look forward to seeing everyone back for another great championship next month!