September Game Update News

The September Game update is full of a couple enhancements and a bunch of bug fixes along with an expanded tutorial. 

  1. The chat window's online team list now shows how many trophies teams have
  2. The chat window now supports cross platform emojis 
  3. Passing ball trajectory bug is fixed which caused multiple problems previously in the game
  4. ON-SIDE kicks and fake onsides are now available in playcall
  5. New Tutorial flow that removes the points where players would get stuck and repeatedly asked to do something by the annoying old coach guy

The big addition is on-side kicks.  This is a nice new feature and really helps when you're behind and score at the end of the game so you can potentially retain possession.  But, be careful how you use the on-side and fake on-side kicks.  If you choose on-side and your opponent chooses on-side recover they will usually get the ball in great field position.  AND, if you choose fake on-side and your opponent chooses regular return they are almost always going to get a longer kick return and still get good field position.  But, if you can fake them out with a fake on-side and the receiving team chooses on-side return you will pin them deep most of the time!

In addition to on-side kicks and the new features we fixed some bugs on the campus and in the UI and a few annoying passing/receicing bugs in the game.  As always - if you have suggestions or feedback we love to hear from you.  Hit us up on the forum or email us at: