BCF - The Rebuild - March Update



It's been  a month since we posted an update and we're very sorry for the lack of updates.  Josh has been dealing with some personal problems that required all of my time and I haven't even been on Facebook for 2 weeks.  Things have finally settled down and Josh can turn my attention back to Longshot and we have some news we want to share with everyone.   The best way to present this is breaking it down with the good, the bad and the ugly:
First - the good news is.  Most everyone that follows Bobblehead and Longshot knows that David and Josh have fulltime day jobs that are constantly getting in the way of working on the game and prevent us from supporting and growing the community and improving the game the way we want to.  The good news is that over the last 2 weeks we've been able to figure out a plan to get a fulltime person to work on the game and support the community and help us finally finish the web version of the game and grow it from there!  And - we'll finally be able to respond to requests, fix bugs, and add features on a regular basis and hopefully build the game into a massive success.
The bad news is that the new fulltime help won't be starting for about 3 weeks and we haven't made much progress on the game for the last 3 weeks due to fallout from the Texas storms and some personal circumstances.  We are now WAY behind what we initially planned and that sucks!! Everyone waiting on the web version has been patient and understanding and honestly you guys are awesome with putting up with our lack of progress but we know y'all are running out of patience with us.  That's why we lined up some fulltime help.  Hopefully everyone can hang with us and be ready to jump back into the game as soon as it's ready. 
Now the Ugly- we still have 2 major problems we have to fix before the game can ship and the more we look at them the worse they get.  We made a massive mistake with using Unity as our engine and honestly I hate Unity at this point.  The Unity game platform sucks and their support sucks even more and I will never choose to use them again.  Even with adding a fulltime person to help we still have a couple of months of re-doing a big chunk of the game.  We're not exactly sure how long it'll take yet to get everything done and get the game rolled out.  We know that we will be done before June 1 for sure and hopefully before May 1 but it will be more than a month from now.  

We know that timeline sucks! We planned to be done 2 months ago so this is a huge setback for us and why we are doing everything we can to try to get the game out as fast as we can.  When our fulltime help starts we're confident we'll make make progress quickly and we'll be able to put out a high quality game everyone will enjoy playing!  Thank you for sticking with us till now and for your patience and we can't wait to get this game update out there!!

Answers to a few common questions about the update:

  • Will the game keep working on iOS?  Yes - the game will be available to all iOS players.  If you have connected your facebook account to your device or to gamecenter then you can continue to play the game from your apple mobile device. 

  • Will we keep our current team?   Yes - if you'd rather restart your team from the beginning and re-experience BCF in the new version you can contact us at support@longshotgames.com and we will hook you up.

  • Will my team get challenged while the game is unavailable?  Teams that have not been connected to an iOS device and are not able to be played will be put on Byes until the game is updated so you will not lose trophies or be challenged until the game is back available.

We'll keep everyone updated on the game through Facebook and on the blog here and on the mailing list!  Believe us - we want to get this done more than anything and can't wait to get the game out and have everyone playing again!