BFL Schedule

About the Bobblehead Football League

The Bobblehead Football League is a single-elimination tournament where we crown a Bobblehead College Football Champion.  The day before each scheduled BFL we set the seeding for the tournament.  the top 16 trophy holders in each geographic region are seeded into the BFL.  Also, on the day before the BFL, we hold a wildcard day.  On wildcard day the top 16 daily trophy winners are entered into the BFL as wildcard entrants.  On the Day of the BFL, the first round games start at 2pm Central Time.  The winners in each game advance.  


During the NCAA Football Season we will be holding a BFL tournament every 3 weeks.  Here is the scheduled BFL events:

  • October 8 - [Complete - Champion: Yankers]
  • October 29
  • November 19
  • December 10
  • December 31
  • January 7

Winner Payouts

  • Everyone who is entered into the BFL receives 100 Gold for making it into the tourney.  
  • BFL Regional Champs receive 1500 Gold
  • And the BFL Champion brings home 2500 Gold.  

Also, all conference-mates of the BFL champion receive gold so make sure to help your fellow conference-mates out with donated powerups and cheer them on to victory!