Congrats FightingDatas

The 25th edition of the BFL was a fantastic tournament.  Lots of old seasoned vets and a few new faces rose up through the ranks.  And the championship found Glaciers against FightingDatas.  Glaciers has made several appearances in the finals before but this was their first chance to take home the championship.  FightingDatas came out of nowhere and made their first appearance in the finals and in the championship game.  FightingDatas came out on top 11-0 and won the Silver Anniversary BFL.  

The game was dominated by FightingDatas.  Glaciers couldn't sustain any drives against FightingDatas dominant defense and never even crossed the 50 yard line.  FightingDatas struggled on offense too, but after a couple of back-and-forths FightingDatas had driven down and to a first and goal at the 4 yard line.    Glaciers stuffed him 3 times in a row and left FightingDatas with a 4th and goal decision still at the 4 yardline.  After getting stuffed 3 times FightingData decided to still go for it and scored on a run up the gut.  After converting the 2 point try the game was 8-0 and that would have been enough with FightingDatas' dominant defense.  FightingData's added a FG later to make it 11-0 and seal the victory!

Congrats to FightingDatas - and all players that played and advanced in the BFL.