Congrats to Pag Pag - Season 23 BFL Champion

BFL Season 23 is complete and Pag Pag has taken the championship!  The championship game was one for the ages.  Pag Pag took the early lead with a TD with 2 minutes left in the first quarter and completed the 2 point try to make it 8-0.  The game was mostly going Pag Pag's way but Cobra Kai went on a long drive to end the first half and from the 9 yard line got a TD on the last play of the half.  'Cobra Kai' completed the point after and tied it up at 8-8.  Pag Pag took the second half kickoff on a long drive that took most of the 3rd quarter and completed with a field goal and an 11-8 lead for Pag Pag.  With 2 minutes left in the game Cobra Kai was driving but Pag Pag forced a FG try.  Cobra Kai hit the FG and the game stayed locked at 11 and the game went to overtime.

In overtime, Pag Pag started with the ball and scored a TD and converted the extra point to make it 19-11.  Cobra Kai then took his turn in overtime but was unable to score and Pag Pag won this epic championship game!

Congrats to Pag Pag and the XFL conference have won another BFL championship!  

The next BFL championship is May 27th - get your teams ready!