ELIGIBILITY: Purchase not required for contest entry. Everyone in the game is eligible and automatically competes during the "regular
season". The goal of the "regular season" is to climb the divisional trophy leaderboard by playing games and earning trophies. The 16
players with the most trophies from each division will earn an automatic playoff birth. A wildcard playoff day will be held the day prior to the
playoffs where the Top 16 trophy earners on that day will earn a spot in the wildcard region. There are 5 regions + the wildcard region for a
total of 96 players who earn a spot in the playoffs.
PLAYOFFS: The playoffs begin at 2PM CST on the date as indicated. The 16 players from each region will be seeded based on trophy
count and will play a single-elimination tournament with the winner of each region qualifying for the finals as regional champions. The 6
regional champions then face off in a single-elimination finals bracket with the top 2 teams playing for the Bobblehead Football League
Championship. The winner of that football game is the BFL Season Champion.
PRIZES: Prizes will be awarded for teams who make it to the playoffs.
Bobblehead Football League Champion:
> 2500 In-Game Gold
> BFL Champ monument for campus
Regional Champions:
> 1500 In-Game Gold
> Regional Champ monument for campus
Top 16 Regional: 100 In-Game Gold
Wildcard Champion: 500 In-Game Gold
Top 16 Wildcard: 25 In-Game Gold
Additional Prizes
At Longshot Games discretion, additional prizes may be awarded to winners or participants in the Bobblehead Football League.
Awards may include physical prizes such as electronics, gift cards or other prizes with cash value.
50 MINUTE RULE: Each round of the playoffs is scheduled to start every hour on the hour with 5 minutes to join the game before kickoff.
Because of this, if a game is tied after 50 minutes of play,the game will automatically SIM to END to determine the winner, even if one or
both players are playing live.
TERMS OF USE/DISQUALIFICATION: Any player who breaches the terms of use agreement may be disqualified from the playoff contest
and any prizes at the sole discretion of the developers. All players agreed to the Terms of Use Agreement when they installed the game.
The terms of use agreement can be found here:
CHEATING: Players that attempt to cheat other players or cheat the game will be disqualified from play. Anyone found to be cheating in
any way may be required to 1) Forfeit any prizes won 2) Have their account frozen
* Games played during the playoffs will not be counted against games played for your athletes.
* Therefore no graduations will occur
* Games played during playoffs do not reset athletes for the purpose of training them.
* Players who make it to the playoffs but do not want to compete can forfeit by clicking the "Forfeit" button on the BFL screen.
* All players are encouraged to show up and play head to head so they can better represent their team, call the plays and use powerups
to increase the odds of winning.
* If only one player shows up, they play against the other teams AI.
* If neither team shows up, then it's AI vs AI. Either player can show up and join at anytime during a game unless they have forfeited.
* If 2 teams tie for 16th place to qualify for playoffs, then the tie is broken by best win ratio.
* Immediately after the playoffs, the "regular season" for the next season begins.
*This contest is subject to all applicable country, federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations. Is is up to the participant to
ensure that they can legally participate in the contest. Contest is VOID WHERE PROHIBITED OR RESTRICTED by law.
* No employees, sponsors or household members of employees of Longshot Games, Inc. are eligible to compete in contest.
* All taxes on prizes are the sole responsibility of the winner(s).
* Odds of winning are based on skill levels of participating teams and the number of participants.
* Longshot Games reserves the right to change the rules or cancel the competition at any time.
Disclaimer: Although this game contest is based on skill, there is an element of randomness that can have an impact on the game. By
playing in the playoffs you understand that this is a part of the game just as it is a part of the real sport of Football and will not hold
Longshot Games responsible for any loss that may occur. In any event including but not limited to a major failure or widespread internet
outage, we may choose at our discretion to re-schedule the playoff event.
Longshot Games, Inc.
Contact: support AT